About Doctor Ringgit

Doctor Ringgit is a company focused on micro-financing in the money lending industry and we aim provide the best professional solution to your financial needs in Malaysia.

We provide premium financial services to your everyday needs without any collateral requirements. Easy approval procedures with the shortest processing time will make the loan application simple and fast.

Doctor Ringgit offers an innovative approach to consumer loan products, which allows us to adapt to your varying needs.

Upon approval, a 1.5% interest rate per month will apply.

No, there will be no late interest charge. However, if you default on your payment, we will appoint a Debt Collection Agency to collect the payment from you. All fees incurred will be charged to you.

Yes, there are some statutory chargeable fees that you need to pay such as stamp duty and legal costs.

About the loan

Doctor Ringgit currently offers loan services to customers:

  1. Between 21 to 60 years old; and
  2. Currently working and with a valid home address in Malaysia

You only need to provide the document stated below:

  • NRIC

Once your loan is approved, you will receive SMS and email from us informing you the next step to getting your cash transferred to your bank account.

Doctor Ringgit currently provides loan services to customers working and with a valid home address within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor only. We will also expand our coverage in the near future to provide personal loan solutions to customers residing in other states of the country.

We would be glad to assist you. Please contact any one of our support channels to request for assistance:

  1. E-mail: enquiry@doctorringgit.my
  2. Website: www.doctorringgit.my

About receiving money

We aim to process and release your funds within 24 hours after approval. We will send you a text message once the cash is transferred to your personal bank account.

In case you have any problem in collecting your approved loan, please contact any of our customer support channels for assistance.

  1. E-mail: enquiry@doctorringgit.my
  2. Website: www.doctorringgit.my

About repayment

We have included a section in your contract with details of your loan maturity date and on when you need to make your loan repayment. We advise paying on or before of the due date in order not to incur any penalty charges.

  1. Make instant transfer through online internet banking.
  2. ATM Bank Card Transfer At Hong Leong Bank ATM Machine.

Yes, early repayment is possible without any penalty charges.

We advise to pay your dues on or before of the maturity date. For late repayment, you will be liable to pay all the fees charged by the Debt Collection Agency.

How Can I Reloan?

We thank you for continuing to trust us in providing you with your immediate financial needs. To continue using Doctor Ringgit’s service, you can apply online through our website. We welcome Repeat Loans. If you are a borrower with good payment standing at Doctor Ringgit, we make it very easy for you to reloan. Just give us a call at 1800-188-777 and inform our Customer Service Representatives that you would like to RELOAN and they will guide you through. Thank you!